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Cartika Compliance


Keeping your Data Safe

Since its beginnings in 1999, Cartika has offered platforms, infrastructure, and software as a service as a trusted partner to its clients. Now in 2018, we are becoming ever more aware of the importance of keeping personal data safe. In Canada, Cartika has upheld the requirements as laid out in PIPEDA since it’s passing into effect in 2004. PIPEDA recognizes not only the importance of protecting your personal data, but also the need of organizations such as Cartika to responsibly collect and disclose this information.

What does compliance with these policies mean for you?

  • Cartika will always ask your consent to collect, use, or disclose your information
  • Your information will only ever be collected through fair, lawful means
  • Information on how your information is being used, and to whom it has been disclosed will always be available
  • Cartika will provide personal information policies that are clear and available
  • Cartika will delete or destroy personal information that is no longer needed

Worldwide Security

Regulations such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) already exist to safeguard financial information, but newer policies such as PIPEDA in Canada, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union emphasize responsible handling of all personal data to maintain your digital security.

Cartika strives to comply fully with regulations such as SOX and FISMA to keep your financial information secure. Compliance management with these policies is available with all Cartika-managed service levels for your ease of mind. In addition, European Union-based clients can easily opt for compliance management with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), aiming to give more control to citizens and residents over their personal data. The new regulation comes replaces the EU’s Data Protection Directive, which was put into force in 1995. However, the internet has evolved into a hub for business, social interaction, and storage of data on a much larger scale than ever before – and it’s only growing faster.

Cartika: Safe, Secure Data Solutions Since 1999

While the immense growth of the internet from a novelty to a worldwide market is creating new opportunities every day, it also opens doors for breaches in security. Other IaaS providers may not offer compliance with these strict regulations, and achieving these compliance requirements often falls onto the organization to layer on top of your IaaS purchased infrastructure. Cartika offers you both the pure IaaS model to manage your own compliance, and a full suite of bundled Managed Services to handle all of your compliance requirements.

GDPR Compliance


GDPR complianceThe recent regulation in the EU law entitled “General Data Protection Regulation,” (known as GDPR) is an extensive set of privacy regulations dictating the rights of EU citizens to understand what personal information is held by companies, what they use the information for, along with the ability to delete their personal information from companies databases. It is also a set of regulations which mandates how companies must adhere to the above rights of EU citizens, and also, in our case, some pretty explicit guidelines with how data services, which deliver, serve and/or store personal data need to be handled. Fortunately, for Cartika and our customers, we are a Canadian based organization, which has been required to operate under a similar Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act (known as PIPEDA), for a significant period of time. Between GDPR and more stringent PIPEDA requirements coming May 25th and June 1st 2018 respectively, Cartika was amply prepared to meet and exceed such requirements for all of our customers – both in how we handle and use customers personal information, as well as, with the data services we deliver to our customers and their respective environments.

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Cartika launches Big Data to round out our Managed Services and IaaS Compliance initiatives


After nearly 20 years providing Managed Infrastructure Services, Cartika has continually evolved our services and now integrating Big Data into our offerings to keep up with the ever-changing reality of Data Services and Cloud Computing. With the NSA toolkits being made public last year, security and breaches both increased in severity and frequency. Sadly, as we slowly discovered, the NSA toolkits did not just impact a few out of maintenance Windows Operating Systems as was originally reported. Every Operating System was impacted to various degrees, and the “toolkits” themselves was more than just a pre-fab set of existing hacks, they were literally a set of “toolkits” that became weaponized in the hands of skilled hackers across the globe. Organizations were simply not prepared to handle breaches of this scale and magnitude, leaving software and Operating System vendors scrambling to patch software, and IT departments scrambling to ensure their data, and their customer’s data was safe. Resultant outcry regarding data security and privacy has resulted in new compliance standards (ie GDPR) being created, as well as restructuring existing compliance requirements (PIPEDA, HIPAA, SOX/FISMA) to modernize their scope and penalties in cases where compliance is not met.

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Migration from ANY Environment!


The following article first appeared February 2018 in SuperbCrew.

Cartika provides cloud-based infrastructure and platforms, that are tailored to our customer’s unique needs. To learn more about the company see our recent interview below with Andrew Rouchotas, CEO at Cartika:

Q: Andrew, tell us something more about the company?

A: Where we’ve made a mark for ourselves is with pro-actively managed infrastructure, and application stacks. As the market needs have become more sophisticated and evolved, so has our focus. Our humble beginnings were in 1999 as an application hosting and support firm, evolving to platform and infrastructure hosting. We added colocation facilities & Network Operations Centers in Dallas and Toronto, with development offices today in Russia and the Ukraine, as well.
Q: What made you restructure your offerings?

A: Our customers were looking for more than plain vanilla support. They wanted a partner who could solve their problems before they had them. IT departments should be focused on internal applications and support, which keep their teams productive. It isn’t the best use of their time to be managing the computing environment, keeping up with the latest updates, patches and usage trends. We can manage all that for them with greater reliability – and better resource utilization.

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Smarter Partners


At Cartika, we’re always looking at how we can make cloud infrastructure more effective. To this end, we’ve been adding a number of new partners who extend our – and your – capabilities. Andrew, our boss, has always said that he wants to work with people that are specialized, and smarter in their field than he is. We hope that means us! This same philosophy has permeated Cartika’s strategic partnering.

When we look at potential partners, we’re not only looking for experts in their field, but we’re also looking for how we can each be better – and provide more seamless service to you. If, for example, we can optimize infrastructure to accelerate results with their platform, that’s a great reason to partner.

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