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MS Exchange or POP/IMAP on a Single Domain!

Whether you have a single domain, existing cloud services, or you’re a reseller – Cartika’s cloud email (EMaaS) is an ideal solution for your business communications and collaboration. Our cloud email solution offers the performance and availability you need, plus the flexibility you won’t find anywhere else!

If your company needs to keep data in a particular country for compliance reasons, you can choose a server located in either Canada or the United States. In a matter of minutes, we’ll get you set up on our full-featured, utility-based EMaaS platform. It comes complete with an easy-to-use management and billing platform, and the ability to set up either Exchange or POP/IMAP accounts on the same domain, which helps reduce costs.

Benefits of Microsoft Hosted Exchange

If you’re looking to collaborate using cloud email, there are few better platforms than Microsoft Exchange and few better hosts than Cartika. Clients who sign up for one of our EMaaS packages gain access to all the features included in a standard installation of Microsoft Exchange, and it’s clustered in the cloud for complete reliability. This includes Outlook and Outlook for Mac licenses, Microsoft Activesync, and even Outlook Web Access, which is often an additional charge from other providers.

Exchange users receive a comprehensive solution that includes the following:

  • A powerful suite of antivirus and antispam utilities, with inbound and outbound email filtering
  • 20GB mailboxes
  • 15 daily self-service restore points through our Backup-as-a-Service solution
  • Access to our Proactive Management plan, complete with 24×7 email, phone, and live chat support

All this for ONLY $8/MONTH per Exchange user! No hidden fees or caps to worry about and our powerful billing portal makes configuring and modifying your services a breeze.

Hybrid POP/IMAP on Single Domains

Microsoft Exchange is the leading enterprise-class cloud email system in the world – but it offers more than some users need. With our exclusive new EMaaS platform, clients can choose between Exchange and POP/IMAP accounts – all on the same domain!

Cartika’s innovative and new approach allows you to set up highly active users on Exchange – while leveraging POP/IMAP accounts for less frequent or sophisticated users. This is a unique and efficient model that provides what users need, with affordable pricing. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only provider with this type of cloud email offering.

Before Cartika’s flexible cloud email, clients were forced to “over-provision” by choosing Exchange for every single user on the domain, even when some would be well-served and satisfied with less expensive POP/IMAP accounts. These accounts are ONLY $3/MONTH per user which also includes Outlook Web Access (OWA) for webmail.

Cartika EMaaS: Exchange and IMAP/POP Comparison

Microsoft Exchange Plus Microsoft Exchange Standard IMAP/POP
Monthly Cost Per User $8.00 $6.50 $3.00
Email Clients All mail clients All mail clients All mail clients
Storage 20GB per user 20GB per user 5GB per user
Outlook Web App Yes Yes
Access from Multiple Devices Yes Yes IMAP only
Remote Inbox Sync Yes Yes IMAP only
Additional Features
  • Microsoft ActiveSync
  • Shared calendars
  • Monthly licensing
  • Inbound & outbound Spam-Filtering
  • OWA Webmail (Outlook Web Access Webmail)
  • Microsoft ActiveSync
  • Shared calendars
  • Monthly licensing
  • Inbound & outbound Spam-Filtering
  • OWA Webmail (Outlook Web Access Webmail)
  • Great for simple mailbox users
  • Inbound & outbound Spam-Filtering
  • OWA Webmail (Outlook Web Access Webmail)
Microsoft Outlook License Included Outlook 2010 None None

Email Definitions

  • MSX (Microsoft Exchange) – Cloud email syncing similar to IMAP, but exclusive to Microsoft products. This gives users the ability to leverage Office 365 applications and more.
  • POP (Post Office Protocol) – Creates local copies of emails and deletes originals off the remote server – takes up little or no space on the remote server because files are stored locally.
  • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) – Emails are kept on remote email servers, available from many access points and clients, but have a limited mailbox size.

Whether you’re a new user looking for your first business-class cloud email system or moving from a current platform, we have a solution that’s right for you. Here are the typical situations most of our clients faced when they start talking with us.

Scenario Goals and Objectives Cartika EMaaS Highlights
New Deployment Deploying their first business-class email system
  • Easy sign-up and deployment
  • Full-featured and configurable
  • Consultation and migration support
Wanted to move up to the power of Exchange from a less robust platform
Doing it themselves was a distraction, and they wanted to outsource
  • Focus on your business – not Email Management!
  • Easy sign-up and deployment
  • Full-featured and configurable
  • Consultation and migration support
Had their own VMs for WordPress or other platform services and wanted email cloud on those servers
  • Flexibility to leverage systems and platforms already in place
Wanted a single domain to support mixed mode (POP/IMAP)
  • Unique ability with our hybrid solution to mix and match accounts
  • Easily switch between account types as desired
Wanted to avoid CapEx and other variable expenses
  • Low monthly cost per user eliminates the need to purchase or manage infrastructure
Needed to improve deliverability issues or they were not satisfied with the current provider or services
  • We’ll make the transition seamless, cost-effective, and easy to manage
  • Full 24×7 “live” support
Need for Spam-Filtering services
  • Leverage Cartika’s Spam-Filtering service offering – it doesn’t matter where the email servers reside!

Cartika cloud email features several enterprise-grade scheduling tools. Plus, it’s compatible with virtually any device: your users can configure their email no matter where they are. If this sounds like something your business needs, then contact Cartika’s sales team. Or, simply sign up below to try it for yourself!

Setting up Different Cloud Email Users

  • Subscribe to our EMaaS service (existing customers can already access this feature)
  • First, create a new user or edit an existing user
  • Then, scroll down to Mailbox type
  • Select “Exchange” or “POP/IMAP” for each cloud email user

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Screen Captures


Hybrid Exchange & POP/IMAP Cloud eMail for your Organization