A Comprehensive Overview of Infrastructure-as-a-Service for First-Time Buyers or Those Considering a Change

Register now to download your FREE whitepaper that reviews how Infrastructure-as-a-Service has been commoditized into a basic IT Utility. The IaaS new reality has implications for both the way we consume IaaS and public cloud and for Managed Services Providers as they play new roles in redefining the industry.

IaaS Cloud Servers

Hosted in either of our Toronto, Canada or Dallas, USA Data Centers, our IaaS Cloud Servers allow you to take your business into the cloud and let us handle the infrastructure. Don’t deal with fixed packages. Purchase pools of resources and create as many VM’s as you want, with whatever specifications you want. Finally, real IaaS flexibility.

Why Choose Cartika?

We have a dedicated, skilled, and experienced team always at the ready to assist you with any issues you encounter while hosting with us – no exceptions. Our services are available to all cloud, virtual machine, dedicated server, and web hosting clients.