Dedicated Servers

Stop worrying about losing data to a lack of redundant systems or dealing with unexpected IT costs. Rent dedicated servers in Toronto, Canada or Dallas, Texas in the USA and get enterprise grade components, a guaranteed 100 Mbps unmetered port, two power supplies fed by redundant 2N A+B feeds and hardware RAID10 with battery backup and cache included in the standard price. Skip the lack of redundancy and saturated bandwidth pipes and get dedicated power today.

Key Features

Looking for a Dedicated Server?

Cartika Interface

The Cartika interface allows for seamless management of all services. IP Management, Bandwidth graphing and remote reboots. Multiple Linux or Windows hosting control panel options.

Data Centers

Cartika offers Data Centers in both Dallas, Texas in the USA and in Toronto, Canada.

Private VPN

Add private VPN access to your Dedicated Servers for sensitive and secured communication for $5/month/user.

Enterprise Hardware

Only Enterprise Grade components used. Hardware RAID10 and Redundant 2N A+B power always included in our standard configurations.

Bonus Features For
Managed Servers

Proactive Management

Proactive management, monitoring and security along with 24×7 email, phone and live chat support.

Managed Security

Fully managed security. Proactive server hardening, updating and patching. Alert monitoring and response. Real time Anti-Virus scanning and reporting to customers when issues do arise.


Bacula4 offering 15 restore points of all your data and self service restore of all files, databases and email.


Keep your Operating System up to date and patched – Ksplice (rebootless) for Linux systems, and WSUS for Windows systems.

PCI Scanning

Modern consumers demand safe transactions, and many states require or reward merchants for PCI compliance. PCI compliance demands that merchants meet 12 requirements, each of them with a number of sub requirements and regulations. Cartika offers PCI scanning complaince, ensuring that your business meets the standards that consumers have come to expect from professional businesses.

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